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Upload Image Tutorial

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See link at the bottom of the page.


That thing you did. Do it again.

asked Dec 6, 2016 in Website F.A.Q.s by Bluegenel (1,247,221 points)
Uppercase file extensions are now accepted. I have raised the file size limit from 500KB to 2MB.

5 Answers

+1 vote

Nice.  Thank you.

"Imagine a world where we are all enlightened by objective truths rather than offended by them"

answered Dec 6, 2016 by lavender (686,150 points)
+1 vote

Great! I was able to upload a photo of my dog in the snow, no problem:) But did it exactly as you described Thanks:)

answered Dec 6, 2016 by Cinders717 (1,514,820 points)
+1 vote

testing testing.

answered Dec 7, 2016 by Girlpower (229,960 points)
didn't work.

+1 vote

I'll do a THIRD test.  NOTE: The first two tests were unsuccessful because I tried to upload an image that was too large for this location.  :-)

Dag!  Even though my file was only 23 KB, it did not upload.  I got the message that it has to be a JPG, etc.  Well, it IS a jpg file... 


answered Dec 7, 2016 by Media4u2 (343,420 points)
This time it uploaded.  I had to change the name of the file from IMG_3090.JPG to IMG_3090.jpg
Upper case doesn't work.  It has to be labeled lower case "jpg" NOT upper case "JPG"

Today I did a workout.  Then I went out on the beach to greet all my fans.  Here they are:

Does this mean I'm a bird-brain?  ;-)
Thanks for your feedback. I will see if I can make it accept uppercase.
+1 vote


"Imagine a world where we are all enlightened by objective truths rather than offended by them"

answered Dec 7, 2016 by lavender (686,150 points)

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