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What is the worst thing your dog ever did?

+2 votes
asked Jan 5 in Pets by WOLF (523,660 points)

6 Answers

+1 vote

He climbed...yes, climbed somehow, up a shelf,knocked down some blu rays, and he ate part of one.  Very scary.  I made sure he passed everything, and thankfully he did with no issues.  I don't know how, because those pieces were sharp.   That was back when he was a puppy though.

"Imagine a world where we are all enlightened by objective truths rather than offended by them"

answered Jan 5 by lavender (714,610 points)
+1 vote

My Grandmother accidently let my black blind chihuahua outside. No one knew he was gone. Till someone found him in the middle of traffic on the highway!  Got him back though, naughty boy! ;)

answered Jan 5 by Cinders717 (1,535,960 points)
aww poor little doggy.  Sounds more like naughty grandma  lol
I wasn't home and was horrified when I found out.  Grandma had been sick and didn't notice the little guy making a break for it  lol;)
lucky dog, being blind especially
Amazing he didnt get smashed on the highway! ;)
+2 votes

She died.

Completely the worst thing

answered Jan 5 by Roaminginsomniac (3,830 points)
aw  :(
+2 votes

My past dog, Lacy,  border collie/golden lab mix (very hyper) ate the skirt to my red suit.  It was my favorite suit.

I then was told about antlers and have encouraged my dogs with chewing issues to go for it.  Mine are both chewing on new ones right now.

answered Jan 5 by Lasuz (698,760 points)
+1 vote

When something has my heart, they have it for life.  The day he came home, he was attached to me.  No one understood how or why.  No one also understands the hole that formed in my heart the night he died.

Just the thought of him brings tears to my eyes, like now

answered Jan 11 by curiousguy (233,880 points)
+1 vote

Not my dog, but a buddy came over one time with his dog.  He swore it was house broken and was well behaved.  I have a nice hand made leather rug that the dog to a big old crap on.  Never trusted the guy (owner) after that.

answered Jan 11 by juandontbeg (10,820 points)

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