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Radiators still no warmer, so something is wrong with central heating.

+2 votes

How do I find out what's stopping the radiators from heating up? 

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asked Jan 5 in House and Home by Tabbycat1 (690,010 points)
Been Googling and it said to find the motorized diverter valve and pump, which should be next to the boiler.  Trouble is, they're not.  The pipes from the boiler mostly go up into 2 hot water tanks, in a cabinet that's screwed shut with the screws painted over.  There's a little drop-down panel at the top of this cabinet, but all you can access from it is the top of the hot water tanks.  The pipes from them go into the bathroom wall behind the loo.

1 Answer

+3 votes

This is what I've found, but if you  rent, it's best to call the landlord or a professional: 

If the entire radiator is cold, check that the thermostatic radiator valve and the second valve on the other side is open, and that the pins within the thermostatic valve are moving properly (you will have to remove the top of the valve). You can check if a thermostatic valve is working properly by taking the head off and seeing if the pin moves down and up freely. If it is stuck, give it a careful tap to free it up.

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answered Jan 5 by lavender (706,830 points)
They don't have thermostatic valves.
Oh man, figures.

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