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Do you like vintage retro '80s and '90s music?

+3 votes

I love a lot of the vintage retro '80s and '90s music, as they were often very funky, very romantic, and very sentimental.

Just do it - Nike.

asked Jan 10 in Entertainment by Ronnio (139,930 points)

3 Answers

+1 vote

Vintage not just yet.   Yes, if you are referring to what was then called Modern Rock, and Grunge.  Still do.   And Thrash

"Imagine a world where we are all enlightened by objective truths rather than offended by them"

answered Jan 10 by lavender (706,830 points)
0 votes

Unabashed 1980s "hair-metal" junkie here.....

answered Jan 10 by justpassingthru (752,200 points)
0 votes

Yes I love all the vintage retro '80s and '90s music. Especally the slow jams, the smooth R&B. All the great dance songs, I play them on youtube;)

answered Jan 10 by Cinders717 (1,529,080 points)

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