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22 Answers

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That is an excellent question. The only reason I can think of why she stays with him must be the same reason she married him in the first place - because he's got money. She's just as much an idiot as he. Thus, like-minded people tend to attract one another.

by (562,820 points)

That is a rude and cruel comment. You should be ashamed.

+5 votes

Simply because she wants too. People end things on their terms and when they are ready and it's none of our business.

Would everyone be happy if they told us about their wild sex or family life?  No, that would get criticized just like everything else.

+4 votes

Just because a beautiful woman marries a wealthy man doesn't mean they aren't in love. The media's obsession with her supposed unhappiness is ridiculous. He is a strong-willed man, and she takes the back seat to him. I would do the same if my husband were the president. In the past, she has been a bit daring and not acted like a first lady would. She has decided to take it down about 50 notches and has become very timid which I believe is the smart thing to do. Everyone has stopped talking about her risque pictures and modeling career which I can guarantee is exactly what she wanted. 

by (431,170 points)
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"She ran into Donald just at the right time. She was just about out of money, at the end of her rope and about to move back to Eastern Europe," a friend later tells the New York Post. They broke up twice, once he dumped her and months later they were back together.  I am sure his celebrity made him a good catch for her. Though It seems she is  uncomfortable in the role of First Lady. She will stay even if she is not happy.  One look at her at the inaugeration spoke volumes. As her husband took the oath of office he would look back at her several times, she would smile almost on cue, then when he turned away her face collapsed into a major frown.  No money or position would be worth it if I felt like that.  She is not a happy woman.

by (505,940 points)
+3 votes

What seems so obvious to me about the attacks on her and Donald trump is they make a lot of people feel inadequate - girls that claim to celebrate immigrant women's success and intelligence - seem to have a small exception in there- yeah I'll celebrate you and you getting a degree as long as I'm firmly in my place "above you" you outpaxe me on looks, education, money- your own, and status- we're going to have a problem- you're supposed to be the charity case not me.  To Donald Trumps wealth nobody suggested or alluded Michelle are you just with obama because he's successful?  Wouldn't you feel more comfortable with a police officer- black people have be going to law school since black people owned slaves so what you've done seems norm for black people nothing like what Barack has done?  Think how incredibly rude that would be?  You have two people that are at their higher end for desirables - thats obviously particularly unnerving for some.  Then combined with the reaction to Ben carsons wife by the same fools doing this- and I for one haven't learned anything about Trumps marriage but a lot about the people that are making assumptions and comments- and it's not attractive at all.

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I think she must love him. It's the only explanation that makes sense. I mean, look at him! Listen to him! He is disgusting, the thought of hm touching any woman makes my skin crawl.

I think she is splendid, an absolutely tremendous female. And the fact she has posed nude is a plus. The next time some right wing morality police person mentions anything to do with tits,  like breastfeeding in public, the retort will be spectacular 

by (3,157,960 points)
+4 votes

They both got what they thought they wanted ?

She got security and he got a model the best looking trophy wife! She is quite bold in front of the camera posing, but a bit insecure in a group of people that aren't her crowd! Will she eventually jump in or hide once she gets to Washington?

I predict she will find her stride much like JACKIE KENNEDY !

by (1,001,370 points)
+5 votes

It's an odd looking pairing but personally, I don't care why she sticks with him because only they truly know. She has a past of foolish decisions, as we all do. 

by (1,234,560 points)
+4 votes

I don't know but I gotta say, I loved what she wore at the inauguration.

by (504,440 points)
+3 votes

Maybe the mail-order purchase contract has a specific term regarding how long she has to stay with him....

by (2,506,670 points)
+4 votes

I think she is keeping it real, and her reply to Walters is an example of that. 

+4 votes

he has billions/wanted a plastic Barbie on his arms and she needed papers/English's a win win situation for both

by (822,000 points)
+6 votes

Cause Cash is King!!

by (292,750 points)




+4 votes

If you observe the two they have an unspoken love for one another. He talks a lot and she is reserved but that woman is his QUEEN! LOL! Every couple has a way to communicate and make it work. They have theirs.

by (160,990 points)
+4 votes

She'd marry me if I had his money.

by (231,100 points)
+3 votes

There are many reasons why a much younger woman or any woman sticks to a particular man. Why do women stick to a husband who has been abusing them for 40 years ? Why do people get married ? Some people don't like divorcing and others don't give it a second thought !
He is her first husband and they have a son together, he is a fun guy, I can tell. I don't like him as a politician because he is a businessman but he seems like a fun guy.

by (362,700 points)
+2 votes

Why question it? If they feel right for reach other, than it's all good.  It is not for us to decide or judge.

by (8,310 points)
+2 votes
She sticks with him because she loves him,  that would be my guess.  If it were the money, she could leave him and get a fortune from him, so I don't think it is as much the money as people think.
by (87,260 points)
+2 votes

It's money, influence and fame.  Money is just printed paper to buy things...however influence and fame is priceless.  She's tied to a guy with connections.  He's much older than she is and one day he's gonna be gone and she'll be left with being called Trump's wife.  He's a billionaire real estate mogul turned politican with tons of wealth, power and influence ALL over the world.  If she met before he became "The Donald' then I would get it but she did not.

In an interview Trump gave one time...he said she did not give him a chance initially til he handed her a business card.  She looked him and realized who he was and THEN she gave him a shot.  At the time she was a struggling model  meaning no money, connections and/or influence.  She even said in an interview with Barbara Walters that women marry rich guys...the way rich men marry beautiful women.  Case closed.

She loves him as him as much as Anna Nicole Smith loved her 90 something oil billionaire husband...c'mon people.

Are there younger women who are deep, head over heels in love with their older husbands...absolutely BUT we're talking about this instance. 

by (5,360 points)
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twins of evil.....

by (1,320 points)
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Security and the the joy of luxuries.  She also has a son and probably a pre-nuptial agreement was signed.  Where and how else would she go???

by (3,240 points)
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