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That schtuff that you assume is a ball of lint on the carpet. You run over it with the vacuum, and it won't suck it up (which is weird because one time you sucked up your Uncle Ted's prosthetic leg). So, you pick it, up and then flick it down and then try to vacuum over it. WHY???? Seriously why not just throw the effer out? Or even wash it down with a glass of cold milk?

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4 Answers

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I used to throw them back down too,  but learned my lesson and threw them out. I do tend to run over it from several different directions before I pick it up though. You got me good when said we could just wash it down. Obviously your balls of hair don't look as bad as mine. Yuck 

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lol the last time I vacuumed, there was a piece of dog food that my Dyson refused to suck up.  So, I picked it up, threw it back down and tried again.  Three or four times.   It didn't even occur to me to just throw that shit out.  I am losing it, that is the only answer I can come up with.  Plus, I am stubborn.

Maybe you are determined. 

That does sound much better.  :)


I know Sweetie. I am determined also. 


lol here's to the Determined.  Cheers.


Oh yes. Cheers with some very fine homemade wine this evening. To the beautifully determined... 

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Stopped doing that as it doesn't work, just toss it in the bin lol.

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Yep, I went out and purchased a brand new vacuum just because the little ball fucker wouldn't come up but it did with the new one!! HAHAHA

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