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in Diet and Health by (505,940 points)

Wow so many of you take such long showers!  A shower in a hurry takes me 5-7 minutes. Add shampoo/conditioner,  10-12 , ALL OF IT WITH shaving legs, 15-18. lol

22 Answers

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Best answer

From shower to hair dried and clothes on 20 mins

by (3,144,740 points)
+3 votes


by (822,000 points)

Don't drown in there lol ;)


hahaha (0=

+4 votes

20 minutes because of conditioner

+4 votes

Two to three minutes- this isn't a friggin' get in, you wash, you pee, you get the Hell out!

by (416,240 points)
+4 votes

I have to shampoo and condition my hair plus soap and wash every part of my body, then rinse so, 15 - 20 mins. sometimes longer just cuz I like the water.

by (504,440 points)
+4 votes

Five (5) minutes tops unless I am having a friend join me.

by (2,906,320 points)
+6 votes

I'm into quickies with showers.  In the tub I linger and savor.

by (230,420 points)
+4 votes

It really depends.  Am I getting ready to go out, to jump into bed, to relive a sinus headache, or relieve some other tension?  Could be anywhere from 5 minutes to until the hot water runs out.

by (1,011,760 points)
+4 votes

5 minutes for a splash and dash.

If I'm intentionally taking my time..... 15+.

by (1,234,560 points)
+5 votes

Usually 20-30 minutes depending on whether I fall down or not.

I use a seat and getting up and sitting down is tricky at times.

by (504,450 points)

Seats are smart:) Had one for my Mom. Don't ever risk a fall!

+4 votes

20 minutes when im not being bothered

by (1,189,840 points)
+3 votes

5 minutes usually, 10 in the winter cause it's too damn cold to get out. 20 if I have company, but our shower's a little small for two people.

by (577,390 points)
+4 votes

5-7 minutes with shampooing and shaving if I'm in there on my own but 20+ minutes if the baby is in there with me because I let him sit and play until he decides to get out. 

by (701,030 points)
+5 votes

don't know I only take a bath LOL

by (362,700 points)
+3 votes

3.2543 seconds.

by (4,300,421 points)
+4 votes

10-20 minutes, depends on if I have to mega condition my hair or do a full exfoliation. 

by (47,800 points)
+1 vote

Anywhere from 5 to 7 minutes. I usually count in my head while I do it. No seriously! I do! I only shampoo my beard maybe once or twice a week because the chemicals can dry it all out. I lather my entire body with soap first and then wash it all off. Then I lather the shampoo and let it sit in my beard for 30 to 60 seconds while I lather my face and scalp with soap for another 60. Three days a week, though, I only rinse myself off in the shower. You're really not supposed to shower every day because the soap can not only dry out your skin but also weaken your immune system.

by (562,820 points)
+2 votes

Normally around 30-40 minutes if I'm taking my time but if I'm in a rush then maybe 15-20

by (4,550 points)
+2 votes

10 mins :)

by (29,000 points)
+2 votes

Hmm.  I would say maybe 10 to 15 minutes.

by (8,310 points)
0 votes

This varies wildly.  

Am I washing my hair?..Does it need conditioned?  

Am I shaving anything?  :D

Seriously..I try to keep it as short as need to waste water.

by (22,380 points)

five minutes everyday

+1 vote

10 minutes max when I wash my hair. Usually 5-7 minutes

by (640 points)
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