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Freakin' Neosporin!

My cat and I got into a disagreement when I was clipping her nails and she expressed her feelings by writing on my hand and arm with her claws.  This happened a few days ago (and it's definitely not the first time).

I usually just wash the scratches and they heal decently; this time I popped some Neosporin on them right away and applied it a few times after that and in two days they've basically disappeared!

I love this stuff.  I'm going to keep it in my purse.

Do you have a favorite healing ointment or regimen to avoid scarring?

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Let me add... I'm using the Multi-Action Ointment which addresses scarring, itching and pain.

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Yes neosporin is the best. Used it on burns, on my Mom's incision from a chest tube, which is literally a hole:(  Horrifying when I saw it, so I started neosporin and soon the hole was sealed. Less chance of scarring too.  My sister uses a qtip to put some up her nose for sinus infections lol ;)  My bf cannot get this in the UK so I bought some for him. They don't believe in using antibiotic anything, as they barely prescribe it for chest colds lol.

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I had no idea, thanks for the tip. I have an aloe vera plant for burns etc.

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I've never heard of it so I google and it's not easily obtained in the UK... If it's that good though it should be.

My cats go out so there is no need to clip but plenty of other scratches it would help

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I love neosporin as well.  I use it on my earring posts/hoops after I "alcohol" them, to help with irritation.

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Neosporin is the shit!  I think you could cut off your arm with a chainsaw and Neosporin would stop the pain.

My other go-to magic stuff is Tea Tree Oil. I have problems in the winter with "cracks" in my fingers, on the side of my fingernails, and Tea Tree Oil clears them up like nothing else.  It works better than the prescription-only ointment my doctor recommended. It also works on those damn painful little virus-caused cold sores you get on your tongue. It stops the pain and clears them up in a day. (But it tastes vile when you apply it!)

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women are magical.

I use Banalg for my back.  I don't even know if they make it anymore, but that was a magic elixir

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