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I think that most people would retaliate and scold back whoever scolded them unreasonably in the first place.

I doubt that most people who got scolded for no reason would suffer in silence and not do anything in return.

I would voice out my unhappiness and dissatisfaction at anyone who verbally abused me for nothing.

It is good to fight back, as it gives a signal to the bully that you will not be easily harassed and pushed around.

People who just keep quiet are just going to continue to be abused and bullied, until they stand up to the bully themselves.

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6 Answers

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That's exactly what some people want, a reaction. Typically, in real life I don't give it to them. And that's exactly what I tell people to do online with toxic people, ignore them and eventually they will just go away. Also, just think how annoyed the idiot is going to be after the 10,000th time they have tried to wind you up and they have got nothing. There are two sides to every coin.

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No I am not temperamental and yelling back at the person just accelerates the issue.

I would just listen to their tirade and most likely walk away and evaluate it.  When I thought it out and felt calm I would then discuss it

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I am scrappy, and they wouldn't get far.

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They don't want war with me. I'll bring it right to their doorstep.

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As a child I was unfairly scolded by my Aunt and Grandmother because of a lie my bratty cousin told them. Part of the scolding was to repeal "I am a bad girl" over and over.  I resisted for a long time. Finally I said it. They would have been good at interogating a criminal suspect and making him admit a crime he did not commit! lol. But the damage was done and as a result when I am accused of something I didn't do as an adult, a button is pushed and I will not allow someone to unfairly accuse me ever again. I refuse to be scolded like that!

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I agree with Blue on this one and he pretty much put it the way I would have said it. There is no reason to react in the wrong way, and I feel sorry for people that can't quite control themselves and cool down before they confront you. No thanks. If it is just words, I can still smile and walk away. 

The best way to ruin a grouches day is to smile. 

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