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9 Answers

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Depends on what mood your in 

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I have relatives and friends who battle with bipolar disorder and with the ignorance of people who do not understand the nature of the illness. The depth of their misconceptions is staggering.

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Tell me about it. I have a family member who's bi-polar.
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I wouldn't touch that person with a 10 foot poll

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Laid out maybe.

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I was going to make a cutesy response about it helping a person to participate in a menage a trois.

But seriously I don't think mental illness is a joke and I sure wish more help was available to people with these challenges.  Our previous president closed out the mental hospitals with promises of help available andit never came into fruition.

I worked for a doctor who was bipolar and he was brilliant, personable, funny. He was a pleasure to work with.  But it depends on peoples' resources/support.

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No, the joke works when you're talking about bi-sexual, not bi-polar.  Not sure if you meant this as a joke, but there you are.

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Nothing funny about a mental illness.......

Move on people.. Nothing to see here!

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Bi-polar disorder is serious and it's damn sad because most of the time? Even WITH medication the patient suffers horrendously.

They ten to self-medicate to make the pain, the madness, the sadness to go away. Everything from drugs to alcohol to illicit sex is used.

My neice is bi-polar and she's model beautiful.
No, really. She got offers from many agencies when she applied, but the madness would never let her settle down in one spot.

In her teens she used sex to make the madness stop but of course it doesn't work that way. Only your meds will do that.

She got married, had a kid. Married the wrong man. The wrongest man she could marry. Actually, she married twice before 23. both were abusive. Extremely. Second and baby daddy didn't hit her but he was psychologically abusive and he would do...well...let's not get into that...she left him of course.


She left her son as well.. Walked away from them both.

Please. No bi-polar jokes.

SO not funny. And saying you wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole?

HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU HAVEN'T? It doesn't "show" like autism guys...You'll only know something's "off" if you really really know the person.

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I have been asked to share this additional resource. Which I am happy to do.

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