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+3 votes

I vote Texas...

in Religion by (171,020 points)

8 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

Chicago and Arkansas.....evil smirk.....

by (324,690 points)

noo not chicago im not tryna die anytime soon :(

+2 votes

Whole States never, now certain areas in some States since they provide us with most of the supposed Elite. this would save from the Elitist Greed, and the current pain the US is presently going through

I would start with the greater NYC area, he rest of the State is quite nice.  The bastions around Boston, New Haven, Princeton, San Fran (think Stanford & Berkley), greater Chicago over to Gary.   There a re a few others, however lets get the rats where they breed, and learn their trade.

Detroit already looks like a war zone, same with a few areas in Ohio.

by (2,901,960 points)
+5 votes

The state of intolerance.

by (832,960 points)
+3 votes

How about DC? I know it isn't a state, but... let's pretend it is for a flash..

by (87,260 points)
+3 votes

cali and a bunch of countries that are against America

by (822,000 points)
+3 votes

I would guess......... .the Islamic State ?

by (504,450 points)
No such place exists though
+2 votes

#1. Islamic state of Iran

#2. State of Political Correctness

#3. Putting American needs last, this includes senior citizens, veterans, military, jobs and economy. State of indecision.

#4 State of Godlessness. Stripping away all vestiges of Judeao Christian belief while promoting Islamic prayer rooms and rights!

by (807,880 points)
0 votes

Texas Alabama Mississippi 

Nothing good in ohio outside of the big cities so why not?  

by (45,820 points)
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