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Last week my car was struck by a hit and run driver.  I went into the store (was inside all of maybe three minutes) and when I came out my car was sitting horizontally across three lanes.  WTF?  I go around to the driver side and see that it is completely smashed in.  I called to a woman near by, asking her if she saw what happened and she was like, "No, it was like that when I came out to my car.  I just assumed you were parked like an asshole" (lol).  The security cameras catch the corner of my car being hit and you can see a dark car speed off but can't identify the make, model or license plate.  I want to know how we have freakin HD everything but security cameras still look like hidden cameras from 1988.

So, Coco (my car) went to the doctor to get all fixed up.  I got her back today and she looks fantastic and sexy...like nothing ever happened.

Have you (or anyone you know) ever been involved in a hit and run accident?  If so, did they catch the person who did it?

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Yeah, happened about 3yrs ago.

Took the family to the park for a walk, and came back to our SUV with the driver's side doors damaged.  But in this case, the person was considerate enough to leave a note with her insurance info.  And ironically, she was with the same insurance company as I was. 

She was teaching her daughter how to drive, and the daughter backed into our car.  It all worked out, but still had the hassle of putting the car in the shop and coordinating everything with one car.

Luckily, I personally haven't had a hit-and-run where the driver was never found, but I've chased them down for other people.

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Wu! I'm so glad to see you.  Thankfully the people involved in your accident had a conscience. Come back once in a while...I appreciate your perspectives.


Hey there.  Good to see you, too.  I'll try to show up more often.  Time gets away from me.

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Wow. That SUCKS. People can be such pricks! Thank goodness you have insurance to cover the damage and glad that Coco is up and running again!

Something similar happened to my mom once, when she was in the grocery store. Her parked car got smooshed, but the crazy driver hit 2 other cars as well, one of which had much worse damage than mom's. Somebody got the driver's license plate number, but he had fled to the Indian reservation where he lived, which, for some convoluted legal reason, meant that there was nothing the local police could do. So my mom's insurance had to cover the damage.  

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Whaaat? I need to look into this Indian reservation stuff.  I've always wanted to rob a bank and get away with it :P


Reservations are Sovereign Nations, you cannot touch residents with much except Federal Crimes

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I had someone crease my front fender and drive off.  Pissed me off

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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But only because a good Samaritan got the license plate # for us, otherwise he would've gotten away with it.

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Yep. One of my older cars was side swiped pretty good. 

Somebody got the license plate. 

I promotly put in a claim with my insuramce and submitted the video with the camera pointing right at my car. 

Car was fixed within a week.

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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That's good stuff, King. I so wish that the cameras caught the MFer.  I was super-angry for a few days, daydreaming of revenge but I had to let that go.  This is a case where I'm thinking that karma will come into play.


You did good by letting it go but you were rightfully pissed off at the mystery driver. At least Coco came back with the same sexy before the event ever happened.....

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I'm so sorry that happened.  So unfair.

A social worker at the hospital where I worked was run down by a BMW who hit her and run.  She was in a pedestrian crosswalk.  She sustained shoulder and back injuries and had a few surgeries.  The driver was never caught.  She is the nicest lady and helped cancer patients.  She is unable to work now.

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Lasuz I can't phantom the mentality to do such wrong and just...leave.  How do they sleep at night? All I can say is that I hope your coworker heals and that, in one way or another, justice is served.

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yea, it's pretty common happens a lot. it's happened to me a couple of times but it wasn't bad, just scratches, and dent on the side of the car. 
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