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I had a rough night of sleep last night so my ass was dragging this morning.  I wanted something refreshing and cold but with caffeine (not iced coffee) so I did something I never do...got an energy drink.  I feel like I could bounce of the walls!!!  How do people drink that stuff all the time?  I'm jittery, feeling goofy, and desperate to expel some energy.  I want to be at the gym right now, not the office!

How long does this caffeine-crack last?

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Those drinks are laced with high content of caffiene, and herbs that contain extreme levels of caffiene. They raise blood pressure and can be dangerous for those who  have bp issues or heart issues. Drink a glass of milk for some calming calcium. Supplements with cal/mag will help. As will chamomile tea.

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It varies- me I get a good two to 3 hours of energy boost.

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