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+9 votes
Is he:

Dirt stupid?


Something Else? (You'll have to explain this one...)
in Politics by (692,830 points)

8 Answers

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Don't worry, his supporters will spin this as a good thing or nothing to be concerned about or his predecessor did worse or some other excuse.

Life is what you make it.

by (3,783,491 points)

At SOME point, you'd think a reality check would "take."


There is no limit to stupid.

+6 votes

I think this has gone beyond stupid. I don't think he even realizes what he is doing any longer. I think he is bat shit crazy and is having a psychotic break from reality. I believe others know this and if they voice any concerns about it they are put out on their butts. If you do anything to disagree with the donald or expose him, you are gone, and discredited. 

I know what I have given you. I do not know what you have received. ~Antonio Porchia

by (427,710 points)
+1 vote

It's my understanding it was within his legal right, he explained the purpose of this limited disclosure, and the complete correspondence will be available for review.  We'll have to find out more information as it's available-and can be very thankful we have a transparent president.  Can you imagine if there was proof he did something out of his scope, he denied it, and then paid a company to wash all hard drives?  That would be scary, but the facts show he made a decision of judgment within his scope of power for the benefit of defeating ISIS, time will tell if it proves successful- but it's not white washed and denied- which is huge.   I hope you'll hold true to your concern and support Donald Trump in his efforts to pursue unauthorized leaks as you seem to appreciate the potential risks associated with it, I'm sure you're outraged by the leaks in the government by anonymous sources in the Democratic Party and hope you can advocate for your party to act with integrity by immediately  ceasing authorized leaks.


He revealed far more than "facts," as  he claimed.  He inappropriately and without consultation revealed information to a long-standing enemy of the United States about our spy networks, our methods of obtaining information, and our spy partners--all without consulting either his own intelligence community or the spy partner whose intel he leaked.

So yes, I'm concerned with leaks--especially when it's the Leaker in Chief who is responsible... and at such a dangerously high level of incompetence or betrayal.  Take your choice.


Transparent???  What planet are you living on?  Alternative facts land?  


Conservatives wanted to hang Clinton for sending unsecured e-mails to other Americans. And now suddenly it's all well and good for the GOP president to share classified information with Russia? I swear to god, look up the word "hypocrite" in the dictionary and this is what should be there:

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Did you read the article? No names, no sources, just a bunch of vague assumptions. I will wait and see.

by (133,340 points)

I read the article.  It was written superbly.  It detailed the grievous behavior of the President without revealing the classified information he himself leaked.  It is egregious.  Shameful.  Just plain STUPID of him.  Or he meant to do it, which is FAR more nefarious.

+6 votes

I agree with Thundergrljean - Pres Pussy-Grabber is not only "batshit crazy" but completely narcissistic and has delusions of grandeur.  Also, since he "knows everything" he has kept himself uninformed as to what he should or should not do as POTUS. Somebody needs to put a straight jacket on him, and then tape over his big, fat, stupid mouth. 

I despise Mike Pence and everything he stands for, but at least he's not barking mad. 

by (2,256,290 points)

I agree on Pence.  He at least is sane.  Trump is mentally unstable.


Can you imagine the howls of outrage from the right if Obama had done this? 

There would already be Impeachment Hearings underway.
+5 votes

I have no explanation but he is dangerous to our country.  He needs to be replaced.

by (1,441,920 points)
+3 votes

I admit that nothing this idiot does surprises me.  He is a complete buffoon who doesn't understand the simplest things about the world, society, government, or laws.

And I'd you look at what his supporters say, it is clear that they will drink his cool aid until the end.  That's what I find most depressing. His supports ability to accept lies.

by (1,392,630 points)
+1 vote

He's a little man trying to play a big game. He thinks he has Putin in his pocket, he really thinks he's all over this shit, and can't see how Russia might be using him. So he's a dirt stupid guy trying to play dirty with Russia.

I just can't wait to see how his supporters try to justify this. 

"I'll make sure to sin in as many entertaining ways as possible before I die." - Sheogorath

by (577,640 points)
Just politics.. if Hillary or Obama had done this the media would have kept quiet or justified it.   If our guy does it, it's OK, if the other persons guy does same thing, it's bad.
Neither Hillary or Obama have done this, therefore I don't respect your authority to make a comment like that.
You can go round and round in circles claiming what the "other side" would or wouldn't do in this situation, but that's just speculative and ultimately useless.


"...if Hillary or Obama had done this the media would have kept quiet or justified it. "

Not bloody likely. Hillary's been accused in the media of everything from child sex-rings to serial murders , and Obama had his birth certificate publicly questioned in the headlines for 8 years. There is no way that the press would have "kept quiet" about alleged impeachable offenses committed by either of them - or any other president.  Perhaps the severity might have been downplayed on certain left-biased TV new stations, but that is exactly what certain right-biased TV stations are doing right now regarding  Pres Pussy-Grabber's latest alleged hijinx.  




I said "IF", they had done it.  But you missed my point, which is how people spin things.


BS, Obama been treated with kid gloves by the media  for 8 years. 

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