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Do you make a point to look extra snazzy for your license photo?  Men do you get a fresh hair cut right before?  Ladies do you spend a bit of extra time on your hair and make-up?  Or, do you have zero interest in how you look on your license?

How does your current photo look? 

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I had a FRESH shave, I mean mere minutes removed from the barber's chair before taking that driver's photo. I actually had to retake it once I cut my ginormous beard down. I had some problems, as you might imagine, because one cop profiled me as a Muslim and thought I was "one of them fuckers that bombed people". HA!! 

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Sure and my 2011 photo was the best ever, even the staff said so. But the next one I tried to do hair and look nice, the lady there hated my bangs and pushed them WAYback for my picture!!!  DOESN'T LOOK LIKE ME AT ALL!! :(

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OMG I would have been pissed.  What in the world gave her the idea that she had a right to do that? 


I was FUMING!  I have never had a staff there have any issue with my hair and make me change it! I do not like a bare forehead showing so I wear side bangs, a bit long but they do not cover my eyes lol.  I haven't a clue!  But looking at that photo won't help identify me at all lol

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My photo is 13 yrs old which makes me a three year offender. It should have been replaced at the end of '14.  However, the bit the law is more interested jn is the paper counterpart and that's up to date.

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I can't stand having my picture taken, so I don't care how it comes out, just snap the damn thing so I can leave.

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It is an eight year stint here in North Carolina and five in Massachusetts where my previous licence was held. The MA photo isn't bad I just look super young and fresh faced in it. We'll see on Monday how the NC one comes out.

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I don't like mine, because in my state, they want you now to have a neutral expression and will not allow you to smile.  Has been like that a few years, and do not understand why

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