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is it true that men only have female friends because they want to screw them, and u all only stick around in hopes that u all get a chance to screw them.....because there is no way a man and a woman can truly be just friends????

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I had heard Steve Harvey make this comment on his show, so I thought I'd ask folks what they thought....thanks for the answers

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Its complicated. Men were born to breed and except in unusual situations I think they think about that possibility with a woman in many cases. But not always and every relationship is different. You are buying into a stereotype about men when you ask if men only develop relationships with women " in hopes that u all get a chance to screw them" which is not accurate. When the man is very happily married or with a significant other and feels he has too much to lose (the love of his life...his wife or SO) by stepping out he simply will not do it.  

That being said...

I know how men think because I am one... so I am on guard when I learn my wife has a male friend or co-worker with whom she is developing a relationship...friendship or otherwise. I am not insecure but when I saw a co-worker friendship start to turn into too personal of a relationship I asked her about it...not accusing...just asking her if SHE thought the relationship is turning into more than a platonic relationship and we talked about it. Dr. Phil says that male/female relationships can VERY quickly turn from friendship to more...especially when your circumstances make it so you see the person very frequently like at work every day and you start sharing things with the person for whom you do not tell your spouse...the clearest danger sign there is.

Can a man and woman be friends without jumping each other? Yes. Does EVERY man only get into a friendship with a woman because he wants to be intimate with her? No. Can a man enter into a friendship hoping it becomes intimate? Yes. Its all over the place and every relationship is different. 

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Men and women CAN be only FRIENDS>>>

I have had many, I would consider them as PLAY-Brothers!

Not one of them wanted to know what was between me thighs.

However, case and point, there are also some men who only want friendship with a lady, so that he can tackle her fish net, in the sea of sex.

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Say what?  No is the short answer.  I have plenty of female friends who I have not slept with, nor do I wish to sleep with them.

That is a stereotype, and a bad one at that

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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False.  Men can have women friends that they don't intend to screw.  I have had some in my life.  Some women are interesting, intelligent people who are fun to be around.  

Of course the fact that they could be screwed is always in the back of our minds and if they ask we would not say no, but that is not the reason we are friends.

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Is possible to be friends with a woman, especially if she's ugly.

Pretty women, yes men have difficulty because of the testosterone thing. Also there is a nerve that goes from the eyes to the testicles that women don't have. It causes men to be turned on by things they see and become erect. I don't know what its called but I remember seeing a picture in 10th grade biology class,

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Men do not want to bang every female acquaintance they come across, no matter what the hype currently is. That is a sad existence if he is lying in the bushes like a lion stalking prey, waiting for a chance to get some action from her. If they are really trying to go there with them, it's better to lay cards on the table. Male/female platonic relationships are cool when boundaries are clearly established and enforced. I have a female best friend that means more to me than the average woman. For a while, I had dates who couldn't accept I didn't want to fuck my friend. I reminded them on their way out the door that they wouldn't be there with me had I chosen my friend. Only my wife accepted her and it was never an issue on either part. It's essential for your own sanity AND the health of any romantic relationship that any platonic friend be held in proper perspective at ALL TIMES. 

Those work relationships are difficult, too. Working so closely with one person can set the tone for dangerous things if not monitored properly.

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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