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4 Answers

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No but I have really long lashes and really won't need them.

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That sounds like some ugly fake-ness.


Yep, and for sixty- nine dollars.

I still wonder how a magnet can hold those lashes on all day.

I use to do the glue ones, and could keep them on for over a month.

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I saw a beauty "guru" on YouTube attempt to use them and they were absolute bullshit.  They looked ridiculous and more importantly, they didn't even stay on! 

When I see products like that (for that amount of money) I find myself sitting there for a moment trying to come up with the stupidest beauty idea I can think of because apparently... the more ridiculous the product, the better :/

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Heard for the first time and I haven't tried but I know some solution that one can use to make his/her eyelashes thick. The eyelashes can protect eyes from the dust, sand, and debris. They also play important role to give lift to the eye makeup. So I highly recommend to try Careprost eye gel for thicker, strong, dark and healthy eyelashes.
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