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Image result for joran van der sloot's daughter dushy van der sloot

talk about desperate as hell him and it....like really tho, she looks like an uncomfortable dude...like a foreign Caitlyn Jenner

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Gee I never heard that either!  So just did some research and there is nothing online I could find about it! If you have a link please post it as I am clueless lol. Heres all I could find: According to her Facebook profile, She was born September 19, 1989. She is a student at Telesup Universidad Privada in Lima. Leidy Figueroa  has a 2-year-old boy from a previous relationship and during interviews back from 2011 she stated that she didn’t even know Van der Sloot and instead was visiting someone else in prison.  So tho she looks manish, she has had a child. Trans females can't have kids as far as I know.  But very unattractive!

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Van der Sloot was married in a prison ceremony on 4 July 2014, to a Peruvian woman whom he met while she was selling goods inside the prison. She was 7 months pregnant with his child at the time. On 28 September 2014, L. Figueroa gave birth to an eight-pound (3.6 kg) baby girl in Peru.


Thanks for the link, but she had a baby so she must be a female lol:)  Really don't care who he has sex with,  he should have been hung for the murdering Natalee and the other girl!  He should not be allowed to have sex with ANYONE!  Disgusting! 


true that sis, true that and you are welcome!


Thx again sis:)) Crazy nut job he is anyway.lol:)


yup yup

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Those hands -  holy moly.

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