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slutty nurse, slutty vampire, slutty cat, slutty unicorn, slutty piece of gum...the options are endless!

What do you think of these types of costumes?  Do you find them offensive?  Ridiculous?  Desperate? Fun?  Sexy? Other?

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They're okay, especially for adult parties.   They may seem a little cliche to some, but that's the point, and they're fun. 

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Depends on where they are being worn and by whom.  For the most part I do not find them offensive in Adult Situations. 

The best I ever saw for an adult situation were a couple wrapped like refrigerated meat on a white backboard - yes they both were nude underneath the Saran Wrap

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As long as you're not dressing up your 10 year old in it, I'm fine with it. Halloween is a time to pretend to be someone you're not....so if an adult wants to be a slutty something-or-other - go for it. 
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I like them.  But then again I like the concept.  Unfortunatly, mostly as this trend developed, I lived in a super religious city and they were pretty sure that a mini skirt would get you into hell.  

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that should be for the role playing only!!! ijs

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My cousins and I have always loved Halloween costumes and parties.  She has had some of the best Halloween parties ever.  But I will wait till another question to write about them.lol.  One year we all planned to go to our favourite neighborhood bar's Halloween party. 4 of her six brothers went and their ladies.  The plan was for the women to be a posse of prostitutes and the guys their pimps. lol.  I wore a black mini skirt with black hose, and high heels.  I had a black tight stretch top on tastefully low cut. Lots of makeup, jewelry and red lipstick. And a tiny shocking pink, change purse on a chain lol.  My other female cousin was very risque with a pink silk teddy and hose and just a pink satin long blazer over it lol.  It was so fun:)

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For roleplaying and if it is warm enough, I don't mind.  We are all adults and should be able to respect each other regardless of what is worn or not being worn.

It is when I see it on a pre teen or teen ager that I think it is a bit much.  Let kids be kids, don't grow up faster than necessary.

Here, we had trick or treat yesterday.  They do that so everyone can go to the halloween parade

We all need to respect each other

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 Halloween here is more for children but some pubs and clubs do a party the W/E before/after. I like the costume top half nun bottom half burlesque 

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I think they're fun, at adult parties. Best used as a joke. My boyfriend downright refused to go as a slutty nurse for Halloween.

I did see a slutty Eleven costume, as in the literal child from Stranger Things. You know, the 12 year old girl. That's pretty gross.

"I'll make sure to sin in as many entertaining ways as possible before I die." - Sheogorath

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They can be fun. 

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