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+3 votes

When it's a sunday... chilly, rainy, and a grey day in November. I wonder....

in Daily Life by (3,650 points)

6 Answers

+1 vote

I usually make gravy

by (1,189,800 points)
+2 votes

I will put on a big pot of chicken soup. Talk to my boyfriend, read a book on my Kindle, or stream a movie or music;)

by (5,058,010 points)
+1 vote

Pour a glass of wine and start cooking.  Today Pork in BBQ Sauce, Green Beans with carrots and cashews, Mash Potatoes.

Tonight for a late supper, Roasted Vegetable Soup and Apple crisp

by (2,843,380 points)
+2 votes

Besides being envious that you get to have a chilly, gray, rainy day (we have sunny again, blah),  been gone all day.  No chance to work out, and I am now sitting here relaxing.   Normally though, Sunday is my crock pot day.

+1 vote

I reset my clocks and watches.

by (743,470 points)
+2 votes

Watch the sky mostly.   We had some pretty bad storms .     Tornadoes touched down in several places in Ohio.    It's been a rather scary day.  

by (29,620 points)
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