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6 Answers

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A big slice of cake.

by (4,272,141 points)
+2 votes

A check in the mail for a quote I posted on IG.

Seriously, free money. LOL

by (1,233,410 points)


+1 vote

A pocketknife when I was a teen, still have it, still use it

by (2,906,320 points)
+2 votes

A box of Flutie Flakes that came with a Flutie jersey that neither of us ordered. 

+2 votes

My beloved calico kitty. She was the last kitten from a barn cat's litter and her owner was trying to give her away in front of a grocery store. I took her and that was the start of a beautiful, 23 year long, friendship. It sounds dumb, but she was my "soul mate." She's been gone over 2 years and I still miss her every single day. 

by (2,503,470 points)

She was fated to be yours. I know its hard to lose a pet you've had for a huge chunk of your lifetime.  I hope as they say they will be waiting on the Rainbow Bridge for us one day:)

+3 votes

Air to breath.  But the dumpster is working on that.

by (1,610,710 points)
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