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...a Lie Detector?

in Family and Parenting by

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A child is yours or it isn't, regardless of DNA.

Men who ask, "maybe this child is not mine?" are not fathers.

If you ask that question, then the answer is no. The child is not yours. If you choose to father a child, then they're your child.

I have zero respect for anyone who would abandon a child after finding out they have no biological connection. What kind of a 'man' would do that?

I've known people to leave behind children to teenagers. Because of what? Glad they don't have the responsibility? Mad at their partners for lying? Pathetic.

If you could walk away from a child because of a lack of shared DNA, then you should make hella sure you don't end up having more kids in the future, because you're a shitty human being.

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UFD many times this is necessary.  A woman always knows a child is hers, a guy never does unless the couple live on a desert island.  So if there is any doubt getting  a DNA test is reasonable before assuming parenthood and the costs

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All about the ALMIGY DOLLAR.
These men do NOT want to be a dad in the 1st place.
They will also USE the woman's body for their OWN SELFISH PLEASURES...
What about THAT SIDE OF IT ...MR. CHRARM?????????


Sound of Silence is a beautiful thing....is it not???????


Women do the same thing, and are more often than not a willing participant.


Team work at it's best...

How kind of you to do the expected!!!!!

Yeah point the finger at the woman/man...who knows ...but either way you pick it up, tear it down.

A CHILD IS BORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whose responsibility shall that fall upon?????????????

Oh perhaps the STATE should do it???????????

Perhaps the child should be ADOPED...6 weeks off WORK to do that one!!!!!!!

A CHECK IS A CHECK for your kind of people.

Let the kid raise itself perhaps????????????

Or should we **** refer*** another MEMBER to answer this question???????????

Going to shine on stage ...or ask BLUE TO KICK ME OUT OF HERE

He will do that for you....you speak with a FORK TONGUE....

Talking out of BOTH SIDES OF YOUR MOUTH today...
Yeah ...Gotta  COVERED!!!


Neither Lavender or myself are talking out of both sides of our mouths.  I will agree with a child may be born.  That said if the man is not the father, why then should he be forced to assume the cost?

Most women I have met are willing participants.  We are just saying if the guy is not the parent........

UFD what has got you wound up today?


You OK over there, UFD?    You do realize that just because two or more people agree on the same thing, does not make it a "team".

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There are a lot of manipulative bitches out there, so it's not unreasonable.  As Arch mentioned already, DNA tests for the win..or lose.

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They are clueless and have not need to accurately find out the childs paternity! It suits them better to listen to others lol

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