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Merry Turkeymas.

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3 Answers

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Blue.  I have raised many a cow etc when I was growing up for 4H or FFA projects.  I always knew they were going to slaughter at some point - NBD.  The money we got from the sale helped my finances and the families.

If I was raising a Turkey, I would be assuming at some point it was going to end up on the table for a meal.  We did the same with rabbits, chicken and lambs. For me it is just a fact of life in, pure, plain and simple.

Now my question would be why raise a turkey, domesticated ones are about as dumb as the day is long.  Wild ones you are difficult to raise.  You also have the problems with having a coop close to your house and the resulting risk of disease to you and your family

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Not if you've given him a name.

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Sure, " Come here little Hector, lay down on that slice of bread"  lol.  Yummy:)

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