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+2 votes

That Mad Man Trump will be the death on humanity.

The only saving grace is The US is no longer the world'  most powerful country 

in All The Rest by (3,115,530 points)

4 Answers

+1 vote

I think you'll find he's just making America great again.

by (4,272,141 points)
+1 vote

In spite of our Agent Orange Man, the US maintains their position.  For now.

+1 vote

By the time this asshole is out of office, so much damage will have been done to the US, the world and future generations, that we may never recover. In my wildest dreams, I never imagined that Americans would voluntarily surrender our country to a dictator. But fascism is here - and we ELECTED it.  

by (2,503,470 points)

Fascism is always elected.  Hitler was elected.  El duche in Italy was elected, and admired by a lot of americans.


I thought we were smarter than that.  What a bitter brew......

+1 vote

I hope we wake up from this nightmare of an idiot pretending to be a leader lol. He has got away with way too much BS!

by (505,940 points)
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