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 It was my first trip to England 2011 to meet his family.. His Mum gave me a heavy ugly brown porcupine like paperweight. I had no clue what the heck it was!  It was a Hedgehog!  I just said thankyou:)  lol

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A used shirt from someone's dresser drawer.

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My Grandparents gave me Stuffed Racoon from Radio Shack that had a built in radio.  I found a pic online.  It's actually being sold on eBay for $44 bucks.    It's ugly, and the radio sounded horrible.


"Wow,  Ahh thanks a bunch" I would say lol 

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One of my dear friends bought me a Christmas ornament. It was very pretty, but she knows I never put up a Christmas tree, so I thought it was very strange. But she's a lovely person and I appreciated the gesture, so I thanked her enthusiasitcally and ended up putting it on display in my curio cabinet. 

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