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If anyone wants to know one reason I support cursive being taught in schools, it is writing a Santa letter.

Any way, throughout the entire holiday season, those who use Elf on the shelf write back to the child.

Brother and his family are at his in laws, with her nieces and nephews as well, and they had posted photos of Christmas morning, NOW......

In a day and age when a child can navigate an IPad by 18 months, what makes parents think that these youngsters can't connect the dots of Santa earlier than they should.

Santa wrote them a letter with all their names at the top.  Why not write one for each child so they can't connect the dots?

And for my main point, and to tie this together.  Wouldn't actually writing a letter be better?  Because let's get real here, to type out a long letter at each house, Santa would need the information for every computer, that just can't happen.

Santa is just going to drop off gifts, have a nice snack, and go up the street

Also, send positive vibes, I decided to go over there for a LITTLE BIT.  I am not subjecting myself to an uncomfortable situation for hours

Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

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Well maybe Santa put all the names on the letter because he didn't have time to write each child separately and not every computer has a password to log in with when you turn it on mine doesn't

The one the only Auntie Peaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I agree with you, CG, it makes no sense to me.   I hope you enjoyed your NYE with your niece and nephew.


I did.  Happy New Year!  Hope you enjoyed the eve as well


Thank you!

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