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Just when I think I've seen it all, the vegans strike again.  I was minding my own business, shopping for produce  and what do I see?  ...freakin' "Lettuce Fillets"  NO! lol It's not a lettuce fillet!  It's overpriced romaine, laid flat in a plastic container. 

Vegans are koo-koo.  Enough is enough...

Cauliflower crowns dressed in hot sauce are not "buffalo wings"

Cashews blended with water and garlic is not "Alfredo sauce"

"Carrot Bacon" is blasphemous

Throughout my ongoing quest to eat less meat and prepare more vegetarian meals, I come across the most ridiculous vegan "swaps" for meat and dairy.  If you're vegan, why do you want to name your dishes after animal products?  I guess it's because Almond Milk sounds better than Pressed Almond Drippings.

Do you make a point to have meatless meals throughout the week?  What are some good dishes that you would recommend that don't say you can substitute watermelon for steak?

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I seldom cook red meat unless my bf is here.  I eat grains, pasta, rice, veggies, and lots of poultry.  I love chicken and turkey and could eat them everyday.  I now make my meatloaf with ground turkey. Delicious.  I am not a vegan and will eat occasional hamburg out, or a steak.  But feel its healthier for me as my family has incidence of clogged arteries and cancer. Better to make some adjustments now;)

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I eat a lot of chicken, very little pasta, potatoes, etc - too many carbs.  I prefer my carbs in fruits and veggies.   Carrot Bacon should be illegal.  Either one eats bacon, or they don't.   Carrots do not produce bacon, and that kind of stuff irritates me. I too see it all over the place.

 I do prefer Unsweetened Almond Breeze Almond Coconut blend, because it's only 40 calories, it's non GMO, and I hate milk.  Only children five and under should be drinking milk anyway.

I like grilled salmon, too.    I do like some of the Morning Star products, like their black bean chipotle burger.  yumm.

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I can do veggie burgers, as it isn't off the mark and in some cases, very tasty. I can hold up on fried cauliflower or General Tso's cauliflower (but that kinda defeats the purpose of eating it, right?). 

I BARELY deal with turkey bacon now because I used to be head over heels for bacon and it is an abomination. So carrot bacon is fucking looney tooney. NO WAY I'D WASTE MY MONEY ON IT. 

We have consumed less meat as the years go by and there are times I say to hell with healthy eating and grab a good ole regular double cheeseburger with the quickness. However, that does not happen but every so often. She introduced fish to me because at one point, I only ate it fried. We are stuck on steaming our seafood and it is AMAZING. I've dropped some weight in the process..... it's only so long your body can tolerate garbage in before garbage out threatens your well being.

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

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