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My parents insisted on cooking pork and sauerkraut for New Years Day for good luck.  My boyfriend told me about his UK tradition before we met.  He puts a bit of money coins or a pound, under the mat of his house entrance. After midnight he brings it in. It helps that money comes into the house the first of the new year. So the rest of the year will be profitable.  I do that one:)  My French friend tries to eat 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight for good luck.  My friend in Peru, says that they try to wear yellow underwear for good luck on NYEve:)  lol

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all I know is that is a week until birthday

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Didn't know that about yellow underwear.  According to the Madame section of the French newspaper Le Figaro, Italians believe red underwear is lucky for New Year. 

I don't have any particular traditions about what to do when the clock strikes 12, other than having fun and seeing in the new year in as close a manner as possible to how I want to spend it (which for me generally means rocking out).  However, on New Year's Day I usually go on the cable car, because due to the sponsorship by Emirates, its official name is the Emirates Air Line.  I can't afford to go globetrotting every New Year's Day, so this is the next best way I try and ensure a new year full of travels. 

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Sounds like you have a great plan:)  I'm Italian but they didn't tell me about the red underwear:(  Lucky for me I have a nice red pair for tomorrow, don't need to take any chances lol:) thx

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