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I admit it, I am fascinated with this show.  Yes, it's morbid, gross, and unbelievable.  But I I am so drawn to see if the person will try to succeed or keep eating. I am also just as astounded at the procedures that are available to assist the morbidly obese. Some make it, some don't. Its utterly crazy how far one can push the human body..  Many just are oblivious to how dire their circumstances really are. I just find it an amazing show.

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3 Answers

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Haven't watched it. But you are right, some people are just oblivious, simple as that. Others gain due to meds and nasty side effects. And with some it's mental.

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I don't watch it, but my daughter loves those freakish TLC shows.  When she still lived at home I would sometimes watch with her. 

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I watched one series of it, the woman's family enabled her so that in the end she defeated herself;(

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