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Why the F--K are receipts so freakin' long?!?!

I bought ONE item at the grocery store the other day (chives) and my receipt was seven feet long. 

Don't get me started on drug store receipts ...pssh  A gal goes in for some mascara, face wash and gum today and the cashier hands me back a novel-length receipt and 17 extra slips for coupons for stuff I don't use.  So there I am... fumbling around trying to fold up my Rite Aid receipt ream of paper and stuff it all into my wallet while the cashier looks on, annoyed.

What ridiculous "First World Problem" would you like to vent about today? :D

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I always tell them I don't need the receipt.  It still prints out, and yes, it's still a big waste, but I have enough crap in my purse.

My first world problem is the reservoir on my coffee maker can't be open unless I slide the coffeemaker out and away from the wall.   It's a pain in the ass.


You had me at "reservoir on my coffee maker" lol 


Hahah. Let the Coffee Reservoir flow.

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When you’re enjoying a meal and have decent service/ then suddenly your waitress/waiter gets a break or shift change- your suddenly rushed and service practically stops- we’re going to have a meal at a restaurant and not really interested in learning about how the manager schedules the employees there.  Would it be impossible to transition without an explanation and simply continue service?  Or is the bond so intimate with a server - a lengthy explanation, a sudden check, and no more refills on ice tea because that one particular waiter is “ours” and nobody else can serve once you’re claimed as their table.

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It's the waitress/waiters way of letting you known that their

shift is over... 

Basically they are politely asking for their tip, before they leave... 

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That they don't make wallets big enough. Have you saw the size of receipts?

Peace through peace.

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Reporting an outage to my internet provider, they encouraged me to up my speed.  Supposedly at no cost. lol.. When the email comes promising me an estimate of my bill, I try to click to be sure I haven't been charged more, but the link takes me to a legal agreement that they want me to click and agree to!  Lol. Hey fools I wasn't born yesterday,not agreeing to nothing without an estimate! Bait and switch is always a problem even with a well known company like Verizon!

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My mouse keeps on making clicking noises. Very annoying.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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that the yankees are playing today, and I can't watch.  In all honesty, the yankees are one of the more televised spring training teams, so I will get to watch at least 2/3 of their games.  If they aren't on their network, they will be on ESPN, MLB network or a local teams station.

I am actually hoping the Phillies televise Monday's game, but I am not sure, they are playing the yankees in Tampa

Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

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also, with the coupons, I have wondered about that.  With all the technological advances, and the need for your membership number or card, why can't that place (CVS, Rite Aid, or Supermarket) give you coupons on things you actually purchase?

Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

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