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It was set to air this Sunday but now the network says more "journalistic work needs done on it". lol.  Do you think Trumps lawyers are putting pressure on 60 minutes not to air it?

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2 Answers

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I'm guessing he'd love it. He just gets to say fake news once again.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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Trump's people are lobbying hard with CBS to block it, but "a priori" restraint is rarely granted by the courts.  So their best bet is to pressure CBS to keep it off the air.  They will have more leverage with CBS than they would in the courts.  The courts don't get strong-armed much, but if you're a TV network and your stations have FCC licenses and the President of the United States starts to hint that CBS stations will have a hard time getting their licenses renewed...  Well, you see how THAT one will go...

The tragedy is that we have a President who would not blink an eye before using every threat and political move in the book, legal or quasi-legal, to get his way.  "Blackmail" is such an ugly word.  Let's just call it "an intense request" supported by threats.

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