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The mascara was offered for a limited time as part of H. Couture Beauty’s Socialite Collection. The smudge proof, water based mascara usually came in a luxurious case festooned with 1,000 hand set Swarovski crystals and topped with an 18k gold plated cap. PRICE TAG WAS $14 MILLION DOLLARS

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$9 as I look for sales on hypoallergenic mascara because of my allergies.  I would not want a mascara that was worth more than everything I own!  lol.  A fooL and their money are soon parted!  LOL

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lmfao good one

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LOL that's hilarious. 

The most expensive mascara I've purchase was $26.00 by Estee Lauder.  A girlfriend of mine raved about it so I gave it a shot....it was pretty good, as were a few other more pricey mascaras I've tried.  The thing is, no matter what brand I try, whether it is high-end or drug store, I ALWAYS go right back to my Maybelline Great Lash in the hot pink tube.  It's the best and I feel guilty every time I cheat on it with another brand :P

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lol (0=

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