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For some reason, my hearing is strange. I hear things now at a lower pitch. I can tell the difference when I turn in my computer. I thought my computer was out of tune. Then I noticed my alarm clock is at a lower pitch. Then I listen to YouTube videos on my company computer, and they're in a lower pitch. I don't know what's causing this, but I'm reading online about diplacusis. Is there by any chance any cure or treatment for this condition? I hope it will go away. Everything sounds out of tune. It's kind of interesting yet scary at the same time.

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Time for a trip to your local ENT!  You need a hearing test and an accurate diagnosis!  My ears went bad a few years back from inhalant allergies.  I developed very much lower volume hearing in the left ear compared to the right ear.  It took several different doctors to find out that I had fluid buildup in both ears!  And it had been there so long it had affected my hearing.  My ENT didn't discover it in the summer as he only looked into my ear with an Octoscope.  And from what he could see my ear drum looked dry.  Hence no help. I went to my old allergist who by now was really getting old...lol. But he was smart enough to use a Tympanogram  to see if there was fluid in my ears!  And there was fluid in both ears!  I had to go through allergy testing and start injections again to get rid of it.  Along with decongestants to help drain the fluid.  So please get to the ENT.  You may not think you have allergies and maybe you don't.  But you could have other issues inside your ear that the ENT can help you get rid of! Good Luck!

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I don't believe any members here are MD's, so hear you go (pun intended):

Treatment for diplacusis varies from case to case. Diplacusis caused by an obstruction or an infection in the ear may resolve itself once the obstruction is removed or the ear infection clears up, while diplacusis caused by hearing loss is more likely to be permanent, and can potentially be treated with hearing aids

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