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4 Answers

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victoriassecret.com because they stopped selling clothing!

I don't care for their undergarments anymore but the clothes on their website were soooo me. They had tons of really cute, inexpensive pieces.  Oh well :/

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NOOOO I had no idea.    I LOVED their clothes.  I used to order from them quite often before I retired.  That's so sad.


It really sucks. I just recently found out, myself, when I  went to the site looking for maxi dresses for spring/summer. The clothing category was missing and I thought it was a glitch lol. A quick Google search let me know that they stopped selling clothes, shoes, swimsuits and accessories in 2016!


That is awful.   If you happen to find another site that has cute clothes similar to VS's, please let me know.  


No problem because I'm on the hunt. In the meantime, venus.com has similar vibes at the same price points as VS. It's not as good but there are cute pieces.


Thanks! I will check them out.

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justforredheads.com  -  makeup, etc site - because she's a Trump supporter.    Yep, petty, but not something she should have bragged about.    If she kept her politics out of her business, it would have been smart.

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WEll actually this one between 2010 and 2016 ( I had a job)

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One of the horoscope sites, because people were getting viruses.

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