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I have been to a yankee playoff game and a UT vs. Florida game

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Germany beating Brazil in the last World Cup - was not really at the stadium however .......

I met a friend from Austria in NYC, he is not a footballer.  However we were there for  Jazz Concert at the Blue Note.  He is a not a Footballer however I led him astray this day.  We went down to join some friends of mine and about 300 other Germans in a Midtown Bar. So ....

Two Austrians drinking with Germans

A Musician wannebe watching a Football match

We watched the unbelievable happen, Germany beat Brazil 6-0

We both actually sang Duetschland Uber Alles w/o cringing - Austria is not Germany, Piefkes are not Ossies

The mornings hangover was well worth it as we had a late night set at another Jazz Club with about 100 Germans - we negotiated a group priess at the door

Two Austrians bribed the Bar owner to play the Radeztke March - sweet revenge for Deutschland Uber alles

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Alabama v a&m game it was like 2k a ticket but totally worth it-#college football 

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The most exciting 2 minutes in Sports / THE KENTUCKY DERBY !!

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