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Let's share some theories.

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Apart from the fact that She's married to an obnoxious obese orange guinea pig. I have no idea !!!

Peace through peace.

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Apparently she hasn't been seen in public in 24 days following her kidney surgery.


Maybe just convalescing. I wouldn't want to be seen in public with that roaster either though

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Shoe shopping and garden parties.

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She's staying with Stormi Daniels for a nice long vacation. 

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She has found a perfect excuse to be away from the asshole.  It's pretty clear that she doesn't really like him.  She never wanted to be the kings wife.  They have separate bedrooms, and actually separate houses.  She is just trying for separate lives.

I wish her well.

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Well she was with a reporter last week and has a public appearance tonight- are some outlets turning into pure gossip columnists?  Every time you gossip about someone you invite people to disrespect you.

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" Every time you gossip about someone you invite people to disrespect you." 

Sometimes I wonder if you have extreme short-term memory loss, zero self awareness or are just a wild troll.


Putting people down as usual- very typical of someone that gossips, it’s a false belief that adds value to yourself.


You say outrageous things with no evidence, make wild accusations and assertions and then have the nerve to say something like what I just quoted above.   I'm not putting you down; I'm legitimately perplexed by how your mind works.  You're the epitome of a hypocrite and when someone calls you on it, you cry wounded little bird.  It's astounding.

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Donald has fired the bitch. Press conference to follow shortly.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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maybe it wasn't "kidney surgery" hmmmmmmmmmmm

(wild troll, my guess)

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Mmhmmm. A bit of maintenance, perhaps.

; )


ha. wouldn't surprise me ;)

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My theory is her surgery was more serious than publically revealed and she is in pain or discomfort of some nature. That and that the farce of her marriage is as big a farce as her husband's presidency!  lol

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I think she is just recouping in private.  Once you have been in the hospital for anything, you realize everyone recoups different and something can go wrong with the simplest of procedures.  Hope she is healing

Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

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