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Reporters and Democratic lawmakers have been allowed inside a detention centre that lies at the heart of a growing storm over a new US policy separating migrant children from their parents.

Authorities did not allow photos or videos to be taken inside the centre, but US Customs and Border Protection later released several images. Former First Lady Laura Bush has compared it to the internment camps used for Japanese-Americans during World War Two. A Democratic congressman who visited the site said it was "nothing short of a prison".


Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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4 Answers

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It' s not true it's fake news. Didn't you get the memo?

We have met the enemy and he is us.

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My mistake. I think we need a Fake News that's not so Fake category.


It might be true cause yon DHS missus said they have access to TV?. Imagine that, inflicting children to fake news and making them the star of the fake news. How inventive 

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It's appalling.  Where is the humanity?  

   And yet, the Democrats are to blame, because of a congressional law made many years ago about people entering illegally.  No president has ever done this far as far as to separate children from parents at borders. Trump can stop this easily, and doesn't.  The man has no heart, and even his wife knows it. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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Democrats nor republicans are to blame-they need to be educated.  When lax immigration policies are put into effect as under the Obamas immigration and that democrats are fighting in congress to keep, it puts ignorant people at risk.  Coyotes and drug cartels and individuals making very poor choices are to blame.  Under Obama they were in dog kennels as there wasn’t enough room for them.  The more illegal immigration the slower the process is to process illegal immigrants.  Yes it’s a problem and one Americans have to solve together-the incentive for them coming over illegally has to be stopped.  

Don’t believe me?  Look up when this became a problem.  Even if you agree with policies and to not enforce laws and it seems like the kind thing to do in your eyes, paying people sponsoring illegal immigrants, not deporting people already in America- has really negative consequences.  Be willing to learn, that the laws and policies enforcing immigration actually protect people from being exploited. 


"When lax immigration policies are put into effect as under the Obamas immigration and that democrats are fighting in congress to keep, it puts ignorant people at risk.

Lax immigration policies have been going on for DECADES. Literally decades.  The only thing you can blame on Obama, is not doing enough to fix it...which is exactly the same thing you can say about every president from Eisenhower on up. This obsessive need to blame Obama and/or Democrats for illegal immigration - and everything else wrong with this country - does nothing to help your argument. 


I’d partially agree, however the new problem of children exploded at the same time DACA was introduced.


This can be done right now under the present administration. The problem can easily be solved by Paul Ryan, but he refuses to.  

   Had these children been Americans who were in a foreign country for whatever reason---this wouldn't occur, I assure you. 


What is “this” that you speak of claiming it can be done right now?  


In other words, there was NO federal law which stated that families be separated at the borders.  The separation of families was announced by Jeff Sessions during May of this year. It was not required before and is therefore new.  As of August of 2015, intact families were rarely separated. 

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Its obviously Obamas fault, string him up!!! lol

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It is internment.  It is a camp.  It has guards, gates, and what appears to be 12 ft high wire.  I bet the guards have guns.  The difference between these camps and what was done to the Japanese Americans is rationality and the Japanese were not separated.  The Nazis did the separation.

It's just an ignorant policy, run by a bunch of ignoramus nazis, supported by assholes.

If conditions are so good, why are the guards not allowing cameras in?  Something to hide perhaps.  Like the crematorium.

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