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Hello guys I am looking to book a trip to Italy in September with my parents and boyfriend. We all like to do a little exploring and lots of beach time. I wanted to pick one scenic city and a beach city. As of now I am thinking positano/almafi coast, we can visit pompeii, and naples which is nice... and then a few days in Sardina or another city with an amazing beach. We will probably spend 7-10 days in Italy. Id love some suggestions! Thank you guys!

What area do you guys prefer for hotels? positano or almafi coast?

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8 Answers

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I went on a Perillo tour of Florence, Venice, Rome, Capri, Naples, and Sorrento.  The hotel and dinners were included in the price as well as a continental breakfast. Getting around Italy would be problematic for me and I would rather have transportion provided.  We were there about 8 days.  Enjoy Italy is the most beautiful country in the world in my opinion:)

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Check out TripAdvisor.com

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Trip Advisor Sucks, sorry.  They are there to sell advertising and hotel rooms and not provide worthwhile information.  When they bought out Virtual Tourist they got ris of the thorn in their side.


Well I’ve found it helpful - you get reviews from people all over the world who have gone to a location and done things that interest you as well.  They only recently added the ability to book rooms.  It’s a much better site for travel information than this one and a large reason they can sell adds is because so many people find it helpful.


The reviews are edited, selected  and do not tel the truth.  Big stink last Spring when it  came out  Trip Advisor was suppressing Bad reviews and eliminating reports of rape etc. 

The Boston owners have a date in Federal Court and are being sued of suppressing stories of drugging and rapes at Mexican Resorts.  they are being sued over repressing tales of bad cruises.

AF this is one of the times I do feel you are truly Naive.  Nice person, just naive in many ways


So you’re suggesting a person who wants travel should come to this site to get your one opinion or read I had a great trip there?  I didn’t say it’s perfect, but it does have more information than on here.  Yeah the points guy is a great site too, again travel sites. How would she find out about apps, get at least a more comprehensive understanding than off the cuff comments on here from a random person here or there?  When she wants to book a train, bus, get directions- will you be there?  No, but apps and fellow travelers can help and a good start is trip advisor.  You don’t know what she likes or what she’s interested in- why would you want to limit her experience to your thoughts when there is valuable information out there that can be tailored to her taste?  I think you look at it as an opportunity to brag about yourself instead of actually point her in the direction where she could find help and valuable information.

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Italy is a big country in many respects.  Here are some thoughts:

Florence is a good starting point, with many day trips either by public tran or private driver.  Good selection of hotels, good selection of restaurants.

Verona relatively untouched with Venice real close - think an hour to an hour and a half train ride in rush hour.  Food and wine excellent.  If you are adventurous the small towns between Verona/Venice and Trieste are wonderful and a foodies dream.

Bologna boring not worth your time.  The Ferrari and Alfa Romeo museums worth a visit if you end up their.  Ducati not worth it and they are a pain to deal with

Postiano is ok, I hate Naples and  most points south of Rome.  Attitude and crime being the major reasons.  Pompeii is worth a view.  I would do Cinque Terre or Portofino personally

Sardinia is wonderful food. sights, and it is off the beaten path.  Park yourself on the NE coast if possible. Now how good is your Italian?  English is a rarity in Sardinia, that said if you know Spanish you can Navigate.

Sicily good option West and North are your 

Good luck and enjoy the Holiday

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Archerchef gives good advice.

I love italy.  I don't even mind the crowds too much.  September should be a good time to go.  Less tourists, still good weather.  I don't spend much time on the beaches though.  Although the naked women sometimes makes a day enjoyable.

Italy has a pretty good train situation, but doesn't run on time like the germans.  Still it goes a lot of places and is pretty cheap.  I could spend the whole time in Venice.  Lol.  But the day pass on the water buss.  For out of the way, Trieste is great.  Old, interesting, no tourists, no beach.  Pompeii is worth going.  Rome is great.  Huge but great.  Florence is not to be missed.

But you might look into one of the large lakes.  I spent about 5 days at Lake Garda.  The lake is clear water, has beaches, and is lined with small interesting towns for drinking and eating.  There are ferries cross crossing the lake so you can visit other towns.  I think we were in Malacine and there is a tram to the top of the mountain.  Lots to do.  Besides the beaches and naked women.  

I am told Lake Como is also great.

Good luck, happy travels.

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No, but I will go in my lifetime

Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

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I lived in Italy for a while. Right down in Reggio Calabria. I visited Rome, Venice etc did the tourist bit but I can't advise any hotels as we had friends there. 

All I can tell you is it is a beautiful country with some dissaponting aspects.

I was there before the Euro so things were very reasonable, food entertainment etc.

Have a wonderful time you won't regret it.

We have met the enemy and he is us.

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Reading all these replies makes me want to join you!!!!! I've never been to Italy, always wanted to go and now I want to go tomorrow.

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I lived there  for about 3.5 years. When not at home in Sicily we tended to stay in Air BnBs. We got a great one in Rome a 5-10 minute walk from the Colloseum. If you have any interest in visiting the Vatican buy your tickets in advance online otherwise you risk being stuck in lines that wrap around the country walls. Food is cheap when you are further away from the touristy areas. Sicily has some nice beaches we liked one down near Siracusa. Taormina is beautiful and Catania is nice. 

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