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Now democrats are supporting George P. Bush’s political career.  Who predicted that?

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5 Answers

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Well somebody's got to.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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What is your source for that statement, please?
by (2,120,070 points)
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No, they are not, AF.    However, many are recognizing that at least he took his role as President far more seriously  than our current Presidon't.  And with honor.     Ok, no more troll kibble, I am out.


Hey, Ms Lavender! George *P* Bush is Jeb's son and he is running for something or other in Texas right now. He is a supporter of Trump and the idea that Democrats are supporting him is puzzling - unless maybe Dems are supporting him in a primary because they think he'll lose in a general election??? 

I am curious to know where this assertion came from.

Yes, it's her M.O -  Political trolling.   It's deliberate, and she knows exactly what the outcome will be.   
oops sorry, I meant to include - I stand corrected on P Bush. I actually didn't pay any attention to the middle initial.  The rest of my stuff remains, though.  haha

There are too many freakin' Georges in that family. They need to have a few Hermans or Billy-Bobs or Julians....


Haha yes, it's almost like George Foreman's family, where five of his children are named ...yes, George.  

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That's why they are running Miguel Suazo against him for Texas Land Commissioner, eh.   

by (969,720 points)
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Perhaps you did. 

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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