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Sutcliffe used a shovel to hack off the serpent's snout, but was bitten by the undead head when he picked it up!

Jeremy was rushed to the hospital and barely survived, despite 26 doses of anti-venon !

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But, that reminds me of Perseus and Medusa. After Perseus cut off Medusa head, he took it wrapped in goatskin and showed it to Atlas and he turned to stone. Perseus did that so Atlas would no longer bear the burden of the heavens. 

Then he showed it to a sea monster that came to devour Andromeda and it turned to stone. 

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I have SEEN both of them...Love It!

The Stignet Witches,  (3) of them, with the gift of Prophecy unlike any others.

They told Perseus to put Medusa's head in his red Cloak.

These witches were Blind, and had a lusting for Human Flesh, yet they knew that Perseus' cloak was RED!

Yep I simply  LOVE me some Greek Myth.


Me too. Love it! I've seen both as well and loved them.

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