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Don't smile so much!

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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7 Answers

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haha he doesn't. grumpy old jackass.

by (518,250 points)

If I were him I'd be grumpy too!


Hey you. Nice to see you here ;)

+1 vote

Doesn't he look simply SMASHING ????

by (4,698,140 points)
+1 vote

To be fair I think that's his resting face. Although he might actually be wondering where he is as he appears to have onset dementia 

We have met the enemy and he is us.

by (2,517,530 points)
+1 vote

Did you ever notice that the only time Trump looks half-way happy and animated is when he's talking about himself? God, he's a contemptible, sorry excuse for a human being, let alone a POTUS. 

by (2,147,370 points)

Or when he is lying, he lives a good fib does Trump

+1 vote

Awww look at that CHARMER!!!    NOT!!!!  

by (5,937,290 points)
+3 votes

That's just after you realize that you are an asshole and everyone knows it.

by (1,320,070 points)
+1 vote

He always looks like he's pouting.


Having a tantrum? :D


Haha yes, he's a big Baby Huey.

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