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You ate the last cookie.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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3 Answers

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I would say Hitler already has that title.


Twilight Zone the series.  2002.

One episode showed a woman in the future, going back in time to KILL Hitler as a child.

She ended up going back to when Hitler was a baby.

But instead, it showed her involvement in Hitler as a baby being killed, and another baby replaced him who was the real demonic one.

Back in that time period baby Hitler had a nanny/nurse maid.

When she saw that the real Hitler baby was dead, her fear of telling and facing Hitler's dad, well she went and got a baby from a woman who lived on the streets.

She replaced the real Hitler with another baby, and neither the Hitler's mother or father knew  that it was not even their real son.


Just watched a  TZ marathon a few weeks ago. That episode, I didn't see.   TZ and Outer Limits are two old classics that are still so much fun to watch.

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Being perfect, envy makes people do crazy things and fills their life with hate- look at Hitler for example

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If I became ….Mrs. Donald Trump!

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