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And,  whats your fav summer drink? 

    I am hopelessly stuck on the mood for candy these days. But Ive only given in once to the temptation. 

   My favorite summer drink is something called "mabi", or Mauby as they call it in Jamaica. Made from the bark of the mauby tree, it is boiled with brown and white sugar,  then fermented in the sun for about 5 or 6 weeks. It looks like beer, but has a sweet and slightly bitter flavor. 

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Forgot my fav candy, and its chocolate with nuts and fruit in it, like those Cadbury bars. Yum. 

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My favorite candy is Reese's cups.

I don't have a favorite summer drink really. I drink coffee in the morning and water the rest of the day.  Once in awhile I will have an iced tea. 

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Wow. Lavender and I must be long-lost sisters or something. I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, too with Snickers coming in second, and I drink coffee and water exclusively. I might get a Coke or Pepsi when I go to a restaurant, although I often stick with water there, too. 

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I will occasionally buy a PayDay candy bar; I am just as likely to buy some M&M Peanuts.  I TRY not to buy either, but when I give in those are my go-to guilty pleasures.

My "drink du jour" is what I call The Hybrid.  It's 80% diet cola, 20% the real stuff cola to kill the taste of the diet cola.  It works, so that's what I order.  A number of waitresses at places where I go more or less regularly know The Hybrid is my drink, and they have started drinking it themselves and/or have been recommending it to their customers, who, they say, really like it.

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Would you believe I've never tried a " Payday"?   I had Mounds, Almond Joy, etc but that that one.  Nowadays I like the darker chocs more. 

    That doda concoction sounds good. Dont drink much soda, but I like rootbeer and Dr Pepper when I do. 

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Laderach Chocolate - any one of the sheet flavors will do.  May need crowd funding to sample all

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I think it's a popular kind - those yogourt hard candies, they're pretty good.

I know what Mauby is, my MIL was Jamaican and used to make it for us, and yea it's delicious. 

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Yes, a mauby lover!   I say mavi. :)

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At the moment, I have chocolate on the brain, particularly Aero bars. I also love Tim Tam's which are kind of chocolate covered cookie bars from Australia. They come in different flavors such as caramel, mint and coffee. The mint and caramel are soo good. And I love Junior mints/York patties.

I have tried (a long time ago) Mauby cordial which is a mix you can add to drinks. My favorite summer drinks are Mojito and homemade iced coffee with condensed milk. Calorific!

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Yes, I love Aero Bars.  Yum.

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