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My s/o would be happy watching HGTV for days on end, it seems like sometimes.  Personally, there's something about the whole home flipping genre that grates on my nerves.  What's your opinion of these shows?

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2 Answers

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I tried a few times getting into HGTV and house-flipping shows in particular.  Not happening.   I'd rather listen to an entire Celine Dion album, and that is saying something.

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We like  a  few  of the  many  shows  now  over  here , majority  are  HGTV  USA , your   house  prices and  renos  are so  cheap  and  acre lots are  just  wow  on  price..  .

 Fixer Upper  with  Chip  and  Joanna  they are  good ,Like  there  style,  effort and eye for  detail. 

 There Magnolia  home  looks....beautiful  to..

Lake ,  Beachfront  and search for homes on  Islands  all  so  very  cheap prices   compared to  us.

 Wish   we  could   find , buy and  reno  a few  over  there..

I  watch when   we  can,  the  various  home style  designs  and  places in  USA  awesome..


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