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You know what I find sick is that when pro-life people promote or encourage adoption, they never stop to think what kind of emotional impact that will have on the birth mother, as if she doesn't even matter, as if this already-born, fully-formed sentient being's life is worth less than the "unborn's". They try to convince the girl/woman that she should be selfless and give a couple the gift of a child, as if human females are broodmares whose purpose on this earth is to provide others children! Why do we always expect women/girls to think of others before their own needs? F that! 

You hardly ever hear or see anything about the depression and lifelong grief experienced by birth mothers because adoption agencies and the pro-life community don't want you to see the less pleasant side of adoption. The truth is that 1) childbirth is 14 times more likely to cause a girl/woman's death than an abortion and 2) FAR fewer females who've had abortions regret their decisions than females who've given up their babies for adoption. 


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2 Answers

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Preach, girlfriend.  Nobody has a "right to life" by using another person's body to sustain them. There is no such right and there never has been.

"Abortion rights - no explanations, no apologies."

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I think women have got enough to worry about without someone claiming they're a killer.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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