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No.  There are too many freaks in this area.

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No. I won't even wear t-shirts that advertise a company and when we buy a car, we remove all stickers to say where it came from. 

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In my current situation, No.  Now if I was short and needed money, yes. 

I have been a survivor and continue to be one.  Very few things are below my pride to put food on the table and roof above it.  I have never had to take a hand out, does not mean in the right circumstance I would not.  I have done jobs which would turn your stomach for an Honest Wage.

Now MC2000 what about you, that is my question of the hour

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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If needed I'd start with car, then maybe garage door. Forehead not an option.


I hear you on the forehead, that is not sacrosanct if I was desperate for the kids and the Doc

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Sure.  This space for rent.  

I would love to charge for space on my penis.  Lol, no one would ever see it.  

Free money for walking around.  What could be better?

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Yes I would. Minimum effort, Maximum output.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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Hec No!  Being a Republican, I just bought a new ELECTIC Car... Save the Whales!:)


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My sister, the flaming liberal Democrat, bought a new Tesla, too.  She paid cash for it.

Is there another way to pay?  Good for her!  
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