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What did you do in the meantime?

The Leftists have left us!

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Probably right after I got out of the army.  I took a 9 month motor bike trip around Europe, North Africa, and Scandinavia.  Finally got back to my home and found a job in a few weeks.  

The other end was in 2009.  I was tired from my job and couldn't find another one for 6 months, so I just filed for retirement since I was 62 by then.

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Five years - I wanted to stay home with our daughter until Kindergarten, otherwise about 2 weeks.

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One month. I used my savings to "tide me over."  I'd moved from Chicago to Phoenix, and I took a two-week "vacation" before I started to look for a job. I found one within a couple of weeks and I have never been unemployed since then - and that was in 1978. 

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12 months back in 1992. I eventually re-trained from working in warehouses and filling shelves into office based work.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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My first month at college, I didn't have a job.  At the end of the month, I hooked on with a dining hall job.  In the time that I was not working, I was at Band Camp for a week and getting my books and courses lined up for that first semester.

From that time on, I worked at least one job (and sometimes up to four). 

I guess now that I'm officially retired from both teaching and the DJ work, and I haven't recorded any audio books in a couple of years, the answer would have to be about 18 months.  

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