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Buggy Whips, Fossil Fuel, and others are held up as examples of dead or dying industries.  Is the Soda Business in the form of Coke and Pepsi joining that trend?

Friday last Coke bought Costa Coffee for $5.1 Billion in an attempt to move away from sugary drinks.   Pepsi last month bought Soda Stream in an attempt to diversify.  Walmart, Target, Abertsons among the grocery chains are reducing the footprint of Sodas with their stores.  Millennial's are not drinking the product, even Sweet Tea sales numbers in the South are dropping.

Do you think Traditional Soft Drinks will still be a major part of our culture in the future, or just be a dim memory?

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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I think the days are numbered. Manufacturers of soft drinks over here now have to pay a levy on high-sugar drinks. But there are ways they can get around it.


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I agree with you Blue, dying industry.  Even the big Breweries are suffering in the current climate of changing tastes

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