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Anyone for tennis?

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7 Answers

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A bad loser using feminism as an excuse. She came back to work too soon. No shame in that but get on with it for xxx. Greetin face woman cause they just had a kid grips my knitting 

by (3,013,540 points)

I hear she was a bad loser.  Hey, you can't win all the time.  Reminds me of the boxer, Ronda Rousey who was beaten by Holly Holm a few yrs back.


In my mind she needs to prove that this particular chair umpire gave a male a pass on the same behaviour. That umpirexwas Gold badge meaning he was the top of the pile and absolutely followed the rules.   


Excuses, excuses.  Some people never see that they can fail. Sounds like she has an A type personality. 

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The whole thing is so awkward....I feel bad for the chick who won the match. She's really had her thunder stolen, hasn't she?

If Serena's right, and she was penalized for something that the male players aren't penalized for, then the tennis officials need to start being fair - either call both genders on the transgression, or neither of them. 
by (2,432,690 points)
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She can't win them all. She lost move on  don't be a cry baby.

by (619,700 points)
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Sexist judge. Wtf...

by (1,188,780 points)
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Wow... that was sumpthin!

My guess is she should have accepted the first judgement! She shouldn’t have thrown her racket! Mmm.. Calling the ref a thief and then..... Then screaming at the ref and telling him twice he needed to apologize? 

First off just because ref #1 and ref #2 allowed a male tennis player to have a tantrum doesn’t mean ref #3  will accept any such nonsense!

I believe her first penalty was for accepting coaching from her coach! She should have kept her Big mouth shut and taken it up later with her coach! Once she lost her temper one thing led to another!

I don’t see any sexism against her, more a lack of consistency with the prior ref’s

Sad, I love she plays!

by (778,380 points)


She is a sore loser,and entitled. She's so used to being the Queen that she plumb forgot she was getting older. 30 is ancient for athletes. There was always going to come a day when she was gonna lose, and lose, and continue losing (looking at you, Tiger). It's just the way life works. You can't win all the time. It's impossible.

She embarrassed herself; it's frustrating as hell for me, as a black woman, watching my fellow black women lambast the media on her behalf. All of a sudden, this is racially motivated and she should've won. I've even heard/read that it's because she's dark skinned and the winner is light(er) skinned. Give me strength.

(although that cartoon? That was completely unnecessary and trashy. Whoever drew that should be fired)

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I don't give a damn.  Tennis bores me almost as much as golf and bowling, and I don't know anyone who actually sits down and watches that crap.  Ugh.

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