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Hey, guys! Well, I got fired this morning from the job I started just this Monday. It was a full-time administrative job at a CPA's office. 

This is the 3rd job I've lost since July, when I worked for 3 days at a waxing salon as a receptionist. The reason was the same for that job as for this one: I wasn't learning the procedures fast enough; I wasn't quick on my feet; I wasn't figuring things out fast enough or learning the software fast enough. 

Can I just say that, TO ME, new hires for these admin or receptionist jobs are unfairly expected to learn everything (or already know everything) on day 1 with little or no training. Three days? That's all the patience they have? It's not like I wasn't trying 'cause I was! I was nervous every day, all the time, about screwing up and losing this job. I wrote down notes and I tried to be aware of tasks that needed to be done. Multi-tasking and taking initiative aren't things I'm accustomed to, but I was trying! Unlike some, it takes me time to learn a new skill. What am I supposed to do if none of these jobs are willing to give me the time to learn? And I was starting to get the hang of things. If they had just given me a little more time, I would have mastered the job. And by the way, I NEVER surfed the internet or even checked my phone! 

I guess, on my own time, I need to become an expert with the different software programs before I start at another such job.

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I'm so sorry, this won't be doing your self esteem any good st all.

Now I'm not American so I don't know how things work there, but, is there  any retraining courses run by your employment buraeu?. 

Peace through peace.

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I know they offer classes on Microsoft Office, Excel and some other programs I don't remember at the local community college; there are also online tutorials, but I'm just not good at multi-tasking; and I don't think I have the best memory, either, so I struggle to quickly learn the procedures at new jobs.


What are you good at, what are your strengths? Everybody has worth and just needs nugged in the right direction. 

You could be applying for the wrong  types of jobs. 


I'm not sure what I'm good at, to be honest. It used to be acting, but that was back when I was a teen. I think I'm okay at writing, but the thought of people reading my writing and judging it negatively keeps me from doing any creative writing. I think I'd probably really like working as a librarian, but you need a master's degree for that, if you can believe it, and my GPA is too low to apply to graduate school. I've also thought about pursuing a copywriting career, but I've not done any work on writing samples to send out for those jobs. I know I need to get a handle on my issues with procrastinating and self-doubt, but actually doing the work to change myself is another thing.


What was your ACT score? Didn’t that give you an inclination which direction to go? Most administrative jobs these days expect a high level of multi-tasking and not just data entry! Most jobs posted explicitly state which computer skills are needed, unless you are ignoring these statements!

Sounds like you need some counseling to help you sort through your personal and employment issues! I mean that in the the kindest of ways! Sounds like you are in need of more help than we are prepared to give!

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There is such a thing as a bad employer. And there's lots of them about. Three days is ridiculous and unrealistic. An interview I went to recently said they give new employees 12 months to be fully up to speed.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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I'm sorry to hear that. You can take the time to become more familiar with different software programs. I am an Office Administrator and run two companies. I use Excell  and Word everyday, all day long and Quickbooks. 

Try not to come across as a nervous nelly. That's a red flag and they WILL notice and think you don't have the confidence or know how and peg you straight away as a no go. Ever hear the saying, "Fake it 'til you make it" ?

Do that. Be strong and keep taking notes and pay attention. Be confident, stand tall, sit straight in your chair and don't fiddle with your hair or makeup. Sorry but, that's something a very busy office has NO time for

Don't quit. Don't give up. And, keep trying. You can and will do great things if you believe in yourself.


You're SO right, easyjolene! I knew that my nervousness worked against me and made them lose confidence in my ability to handle the job; but this just goes back to my low self-esteem and constantly second-guessing myself. Hopefully, next time around I'll be able to fake it better, or they'll give me more time to prove myself. Thanks for the pep talk! 


You're welcome.

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Oh, no. :(  Um sorry that happened to you. But honestly, 3 days is not nearly enough time.to learn everything, especially if you are new to those programs. I think at least a week or 2 of each program would be sufficient time to learn them and even then it would not be enough. I do think its a good idea to learn on your own first, and become more knowlegable about them at home, before you go gor another job. This way you'll be better prepared.

   Good luck!!



The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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I'm so sorry this happened. I've been working for 40 years and I've never heard of a company that wants you to know everything in 3 days. They're insane.

Don't let this experience deter you from continuing to look for jobs, LA Lady.  One day you will find one for which you are a great fit.  Just keep swimming, as Dory says....

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